Radius mailing around current customers is highly effective. That's great news from a return on marketing investment standpoint, but don't forget the impact of having many customers in one neighborhood.

If you are in any home services business, you'll reduce your operational costs if you can service multiple homeowners within a short distance of each other. PLUS, don't forget the power of a referral! When neighbors talk, your phone rings. Get neighbors talking about you with ProximityPlus™.

TIP: Be sure to include the "Your Neighbor..." messaging on the address side of your postcard. Examples would be:

  • "Your Neighbor Just Got [your product] from [your company]"!

  • "Your Neighbor Just Started [your service] from [your company]"!

If you want an even more powerful solution--and higher lead generation--then ask us about adding Personalized URL's (PURL's) and targeted microsites to your campaign.

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(Min: 250, Max: 30000)

Select the length of time that you would like the number to be active. $29.99 per number for each three month period. Terms of Use: $29.99 (3 months includes 50 min/month). Additional minutes billed separately at $.059/minute. By selecting this option, you agree to have additional minutes automatically billed to you.

Remove current customers, Do Not Mail requests or other lists of recipients that are to be removed from your final mailing file.

Email customerservice@lorexinc.com with your suppression files in an excel or other list format along with instructions. Enter your Job Number (provided at check out) into the subject line of your email.

Note that complex suppressions may be additional.

If you wish to have your mailing list split into several smaller mailings, select the number of mail drops from the drop down menu (e.g., your list is 9,000 records but you wish to break it up into 6 drops of 1,500 records each).

NOTE: if you select more than one mail drop, each mailing must be a minimum of 250 records if Standard Class and 500 records if First Class Mail.

If you wish to mail the entire list multiple times, check out your order WITHOUT selecting this option. Email customerservice@lorexinc.com with your request. Customer Service will contact you with the least expensive option for doing this.


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