ISP Targeting

Our proprietary GIS Maps to Marketing service provides you with custom maps of your chosen territory.

Use these maps to visualize your marketing strategy which can include: direct mail (targeted at the address-level within the polygon), D2D, Yard Signs and On-line Display Ads (also targeted at the address-level using IP Match)--ALL from Lorex!

Here is what you get for one low price:

  • Business and Household counts of your custom polygon
  • Competitive Summary including provider, technology and Max Speed (Up/Down)

Data is aggregated by state. Pricing is by state file required to complete your analysis and/or the number and size of the polygons (maps) that are processed. A map or polygon which is the equivalent of a 50 mile radius or less--and within one state--equates to one mapping fee.

Click on Select File to send us your kmz or zipped shapefile file. Use your own GIS application to draw polygons that define your target market. If you do not have a GIS Mapping Application, download and install Google Earth Pro**. Then follow these Step-by-Step Instructions for creating and saving a polygon.

Need a more detailed market analysis? Call 800-792-8812 to discuss your unique needs.


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